Sunday, August 10, 2008

Unbelievable goodness at auction this week!

So we had a *great* week this week getting stuff listed at auction - the last few weeks were rather lackluster on that front, but things are looking good now! Here are a few of my favorites:

Three - yes, three! - vintage chenille bedspreads. It's funny how I wrote a post about them not too long ago, saying I don't find them very often, and then I find three in just a few weeks time... Each of them has a couple of condition issues, they are still usable as spreads but I also listed them as "cutter" pieces - I know someone out there craftier than me could really make something great from them!

Pink Butterfly Chenille Bedspread

Aqua Blue & White Chenille Bedspread

Pink & Purple Floral Chenille Bedspread

Another thing I don't find very often and am having a *really* hard time parting with - an amazing vintage barkcloth pillow! I rescued it from the thrift store around the corner from my house - I couldn't believe someone else hadn't snatched it up!

Vintage Tropical Floral Barkcloth Pillow

I have a soft spot for old manual typewriters - I think it comes from when I was a kid and my typewriter was the only form of entertainment in my bedroom other than my books and stereo...

This one is especially cool because it is allegedly from a World War II Navy destroyer ship! It also has the cool keys that are all the rage with jewelry makers - but it is in such great working condition I would hate to see it taken apart!

Vintage WWII Royal Typewriter

I found a really great old wood potty chair with enamel pot at a church sale a couple of weeks ago - it has the sweetest decal of a baby deer on it!

Vintage Wood Potty Chair with Enamel Pot

My parents went to an auction a few weeks ago and filled up their car with stuff for me! (They get a kick out of their scores just like I do, it's so cute!) They brought me this amazing hand painted pitcher and glasses set:

Hand Painted Floral Pitcher & Glasses Set

My parents also brought me boxes and boxes full of vintage Tupperware - I broke it out into lots, and it ended up being like 20 auctions! Most of them are ending here in the next few hours, but here is my favorite lot:

Vintage Pastel Tupperware Tumblers & Pitcher

There is a lot more great kitchenware, glassware, linens, etc. to look at - click on over and check it out!


  1. fabulous stuff! Love the spreads!

  2. Great haul!

    Do you have a website? I will not buy from eBay anymore.

  3. LOL on the typewriter! See my most recent post on my blog!

  4. The spreads look so good. But I would still prefer to use new ones. The vintage stuff would go straight to my collections.

  5. Wonderful Vintage chenille bedspreads! I imagine you must have to restore some of these with loving care? They certainly bring back fond memories of my childhood. Although not as eclectic as you in terms of product, I as many antique dealers of today have to veer to things of the fifties and sixties in order to relate to a younger generation.

    Come take a look at our site. Maybe we can share some ideas or get inspiration.

  6. Oh my goodness, I wish I had came across your blog last month. I love chenille. But alas the bidding has ended...sigh. *pout* ;)
    Although I did find a beautiful pink chenille in almost perfect condition a couple weeks ago at the Broad St thrift store. I was so excited and it was only 10 bucks...woohoo!