Saturday, October 25, 2014

New goodness on eBay & Etsy this week!

I went to a church rummage sale a couple of weeks ago, and they had a whole bunch of in box items - some were new, never used, and some looked like they were used just a little, and put back into their original boxes. I asked one of the church ladies about it, and she said they were donated from a man's estate. It was a fun sale, let me tell ya! Needless to say I got multiples of some things, which is always nice. So, to make a long story longer, this week I tackled listing all the stuff I got there, plus some other fun things...

First up, stuff at auction on eBay:

Stuff I listed straight to fixed price on eBay and/or Etsy:

( I also listed a 2nd one of these on Etsy. ) 

( I also listed a 2nd one of these on Etsy. )

( I also listed a 2nd one of these on Etsy. )

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Antique Mall Booth Update - 1 Year Anniversary!

It's really hard to believe, but I've had the booth for a full year now! I celebrated today by clearing out a bunch of old stuff and cramming in a ton of new goodness - I'll show off the photos I took today first, then we'll get into the nitty gritty numbers bit (my breakdowns for August and September, and for the year as a whole)...

August 2014 Sales

Vintage Cookbook $5.00
Child's Rocking Chair $22.00
Electric Meter Lamp $50.00
Metal Bar Cart $36.00
Vintage Medicine Bottle $5.00
Red Toy Piano $19.80
Toucan Wall Hanging $32.55
Glass Eye Drops Bottle $3.00
Brass Vanity Mirror $19.80
Vintage Jar $6.00

Total Sales: $199.15
- Commission $15.96
- Rent $72.00
Total Profit: $111.19 (not including cost of items and time spent working)

September 2014 Sales

Vintage Bottle $2.00
Vintage Bottle $4.00
5 Vintage Cookbooks $25.00
Syroco Wall Sconce $25.00
Milk Glass Lamp $20.00
Vintage Bottle $4.00
Blue Thermos $12.00

Total Sales: $92.00
- Commission: $8.42
- Rent: $72.00
Total Profit: $11.58 (not including cost of items and time spent working)

As you can see, August was an OK month - actually the best month I had since March. Then September took a total nosedive... I'm hoping the new things I added today will make for a better October!

Now, let's add up my total profit for my first year - drum roll please!

First Year - Total Profit: $848.40 (not including cost of items and time spent working)

That works out to about $70 a month profit, although really it came in kind of all over the place - one month up, one month down, etc. It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride, that's for sure. Of course, these numbers are NOT encouraging - BUT, I'm hanging in, and I'll tell you why...

My mall has a brand new owner! And she has ideas and plans! Stay tuned, once I get all the details of what changes are happening, I'll do a post all about it... :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

New goodness on eBay this week!

With the very first Vintage Weekend show behind me (next one is Oct. 24 - 26, save the date!) I was able to get some auctions listed on eBay, plus these guys, which are in my store at fixed price with best offer:

I couldn't grab these quick enough when I saw them at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago - the cuteness knows no end! I've only sold 2 so far, so there are plenty left to choose from... :)

There's too much at auction to list everything here, so I'll just show you a few of my favorites - click on over to check out the rest!