Sunday, April 27, 2008

90 New Auctions & 16 New Etsy Listings - *whew*

I've been listing like a madwoman this week! We have set a new goal of at least 90 new eBay auctions a week, in hopes of actually, you know, making a living and stuff. And I am trying to add new Etsy items 3 or 4 days a week at least, since search results and category pages are both sorted by newly listed...

Here's just a sampling of what is up right now:

I found a huge set of 1950's Harker White Cap dishes, all of which are currently up at auction. They are really nice, and neutral - which makes them perfect for mixing and matching with other more graphic patterns.

I also listed almost 30 of these awesome vintage Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine issues from the 1960's - the cover art is amazing, and there are a lot of big name authors in them - Isaac Asimov especially.

I also dug up all the Crazy Daisy stuff I could find - which turned out to be quite a bit! Above is the Gemco cream and sugar set, and I have some Corelle serving bowls and platters, and some Pyrex mugs! I also pulled some of the Butterfly Gold out of the store as part of my Spring Cleaning sale...

Check out this Pyrex mixing bowl set in the Homestead pattern! They are in great condition too, very hard to part with! ;)

Of course there is way more goodness than this, if I tried to talk about everything I would be here all night! Click on over to take a look around...

I'm going to let an Etsy mini do all the work for me to show you the new things there:


A Fire-King Nature's Bounty casserole dish, a Corning Medallion casserole dish, a Fire-King shaker, some fun glasses, a few planters (Shawnee, Hull, Haeger), a couple ashtrays (California Pottery and Treasure Craft), and the Ransburg canister set I showed you a while back!


I told you I've been busy! The one thing I didn't get done this week was going out to the sales - there weren't any that made me feel like I just HAD to go, you know? And I certainly have plenty of stuff waiting to be listed to keep me busy... wish me luck on us hitting our target again this coming week - I think we are gonna need it! ;)


Lisa B. said...

You go girl! And I hope all your listings sell fast!!!

Leah said...

way to go! i too want to do this kind of stuff full time. i think 90listings is lofty for me right now, but go YOU! would love to swap notes on how we can both do this full time!

marjo said...

I loved that sci-fiction magazines!