Monday, December 22, 2008

This week's auction goodness...

I actually did manage to list some new eBay auctions last week, amidst all the craziness... Some cool things, if I do say so myself... let's have a look, shall we?

Mid-Century Modern Candle Holder Set

I'm so in love with these candle holders that if I had room for them anywhere in my house there is NO WAY they would be for sale...

Vintage Mexican Pottery Bird Candle Holder Set

I picked up over 20 vintage Mexican pottery figures at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago - I just love the detail on them, they are always hand painted with the prettiest designs! I have a buyer on Etsy who collects them and always gets first dibs, she chose these 6:

Cute huh? She has great taste! ;)

Vintage Mexico Pottery Toucan Bird Figurine

Painted Blue Floral Mexican Bird Figurine

I have lots more listed, clickety click if you want to check them all out!

Vintage Plastic Trash Can & Tissue Box Set

Another estate sale find, what a great (and practical!) way to accessorize a vintage styled bathroom! I love the blue, black and white color combo, and the butterflies and leaves are just perfect...

Vintage 1940's Table Globe

I love old globes - this is another piece that we would be keeping if we had room for it, because Will loves them too! It has some condition issues, mainly surface scratching - but that's part of the charm sometimes, am I right? ;)

Vintage Ucago Ceramic Bust Figurines - Japan

I love that these busts are of a little boy and a little girl - and all white! They would look so great on a bookshelf or mantle...

Vintage Chinese Wicker Basket Canister Set

I went to a really crazy estate sale a few weeks ago - the man loved to travel, and he collected all kinds of unique things - pottery, artwork, religious pieces... most of it I knew nothing about, so I didn't come home with much, but I did pick up this pretty wicker basket style canister set.

Vintage Kromex Metal Pasta Canister Set

I also got this really unusual vintage aluminum Kromex canister set from that sale - I've never seen canisters this shape from Kromex before, they would be perfect for storing pasta!

Vintage Ceramic Rooster & Hen Figurine Set

There's something about these that makes me love them - they are a larger size, which helps, but really I think its their shape - especially the rooster's tail... I'm hoping there is a collector out there who will give these beauties a good home! :)

As always, this is only a partial list... click here to see everything that is up for auction right now!

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