Sunday, April 26, 2009

Featured Collectible - Vera Neumann

Who doesn't love Vera Neumann? Her bold prints are easy to fall in love with and hard to forget! I was lucky enough to find a couple Vera sheet sets, as well as a couple of Vera placemat sets, and thought, I need to do a Featured Collectible post on Vera!

So, I started poking around, and of course there is already a ton of wonderful sites about both Vera the woman and Vera the brand:

Since I really don't need to re-write what is already written, let's get to the fun part - the stuff! I was pretty amazed to find how many different types of items have Vera prints on them - I knew about the scarves, of course, and also the linens and clothing... but I didn't know there is also dinnerware - Mikasa dinnerware, as a matter of fact!

Could it get any better? I think not!

Ok, let's have a look around... First up are the items I have up at auction this week:

Vintage Vera Blue Flower Placemats Set

Vintage Vera Mikasa Field Flowers Placemats Set

Vintage Vera Rainbow Twin Sheet Set

Vintage Vera Floral Full Sheet Set

The Field Flowers placemat set is what led me to finding out that some Mikasa dinnerware is graced with Vera designs - a quick search on Replacements returns 22 results for Vera Mikasa! Here are a couple of my favorites:

Vera Mikasa Butterfly Dinner Plate

Vera Mikasa Abstract Dinner Plate

Vera Mikasa Bamboo Dinner Plates

Apparently another company call Island Worcester also released some Vera patterns, Replacements only lists a few, and they are just as awesome as the Mikasa ones:

Vera Island Worcester Floral Cup & Saucer Set

Of course scarves, linens, and clothing are most often associated with Vera, there are hundreds of different patterns - it's a collector's paradise!

Vera Hand Rolled Silk Scarf

Set of 4 Vintage Vera Tea Towels

Set of 5 Vintage Vera Horse Napkins

Vintage Vera Butterfly Tunic Top

Vintage Vera Floral Tablecloth

Vintage Nautical Vera Dress

I could go on like this all day... I'll sum it up though, in one word - *swoon*. ;)

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Some Like it Vintage said...

Vera is fantastic! She is finally getting a second wave of recognition - it deserves to be on a collectors list!

The Empty Envelope said...

Very lovely!! I had not heard of her. Thanks!

Jonathan said...

That Vera Flora Full Sheet set photo looks so familiar. I think my Mom had a pillowcase that looked like that. I will have to ask her about that.

Talk about a strong flashback! Thanks for that.

Kiss My Aster said...

I have many Vera scarves and a few linens... her style is so easy to spot while "hunting". I love her to pieces.

Ashley said...

Oh my! I think I'll swoon with you.

Heidi Ann said...

Great post! I love her stuff, too. I was lucky to find a lot of scarves in my mother-in-law's collection, and I have table linens, also. I was thrilled to find a set of four salad plates at a thrift store recently. I haven't found the pattern anywhere - not on eBay or even at Replacements. They were hand-painted in Jamaica.

Leigh said...

I've only come across one Vera blouse myself, but I love poking around for her work online too.