Sunday, June 21, 2009

New goodness at auction on eBay - vintage Tupperware + lots more!

So this week we tackled the backlog of vintage Tupperware - never a small feat, since most of it had to be cleaned up to some degree, and then researched and sorted... I love Tupperware, but sometimes you have a piece that makes you scratch your head, what the heck is this for? Like this pickle keeper:

Will actually knew what this one was, I was clueless! Here's a few more of my faves:

Set of 6 Vintage Tupperware Pastel Cereal Bowls with Lids - NEW

Set of 2 Vintage Orange Tupperware Pitchers

Vintage Tupperware Harvest Servalier Bowl Set with Lids

Vintage Tupperware Green Servalier Cansiter Set

There's lots more - just head on over if you want to see the rest!

I did manage to list a few other random gems - some things that were super hard to part with, actually - it was a heart-wrenching week that's for sure!

Vintage Art Nouveau LF Grammes & Sons Wood Hankie or Glove Box (be sure to click over to the listing and check out all the photos - talk about gorgeous!!)

Vintage Wood Koeshi Doll Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Japan

Vintage Enesco Black Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Japan

Vintage Silver Plate Vanity Set - Mirror, Tray, and Powder Jar with Puff

Click on over if you want to see the rest - I think we managed about 50 auctions total this week! :)


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

wow those are gems!!!


Quixsa said...

I have the Cat Salt and Pepper They are precious.

nicolette said...

Koeshi Doll salt and pepper shaker for me. My grand mother has a pair back in California. They just look adorable no matter where you put them.


MissRedLips said...

oh dear, i just saw this post now and have been searching for a vintage silver vanity tray, mirror, and powder jar like that one for so long!!! do you have any others?? :-)

Oh By Jingo said...

I'm a big fan of Tupperware too, I love the pastel items! I know what you mean by "what the heck is this" LOL
We need a cataloge to look it up :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I have 3 items from your list of gems!! I have the exact same silver vanity tray.. unfortunately, I don't have the mirror and jar with lid to go along with it! I also have the green tupperware cannister set and the orange storage container with lid! Awesome stuff! Great minds think alike!