Friday, July 10, 2009

Antique Barn - June Report

Rent = $115
Sold = $95
In The Hole (Again) = $20


I had a chat with Max at the Barn about why I'm not selling enough to make rent, let alone anything above rent, during their busiest time of year... Needless to say I am frustrated, and am now officially leaning toward closing up shop at the end of July.

Max said the sellers that do best are in the front of the barn (I'm in the back) and are locals who are able to come in every week and add new items, remove old items, etc. I have neither of these advantages, which is showing in my sales numbers - obviously.

Seeing as how I can't move closer, and getting down there every week with new items isn't something that I am really able to do either... well, like I said, I could be admitting defeat sooner rather than later. :(


kitsch café said...

i've been following your blog posts on your antique barn adventure since you started selling there. i'm considering doing the same thing. i never thought that being local and changing up your rented space would be so effective. something to consider if i decide i want to do the same.

Becky said...

Bless your heart! At least you have given it a try.

Is there anyone you could team up with to make it easier to add new stuff? Maybe take turns going to the barn ever other week?

Or is there a similar place closer to you? Can you start one with some folks?

Best of luck in whatever you decide.

liz said...

Few ideas:

*Add some bright color to your booth to attract people who may not wander all the to the back. Can you decorate with bright swatches of fabric draped on the wall or on your shelves or maybe bright signs?

* Fill in with small stuff. People who shop antique places like to be able to pick up smaller less pricier "finds"

*see what other people are selling and sell similiar items but a tad cheaper.

* advertise. Maybe in that area where the barn is located create a cheap flyer on your computer and stop in at little coffee places, bookstores or restaurants to advertise your wares. As you update your space update that flyer.

I wish you luck!

Vintage Sue said...

So sorry to hear it's not going well. Definitely going in every week helps a lot. My shop is an hour away, and it pains me, but I try to go every week.

Have you done flea markets? They are tough in terms of set up, but the crowds come.

I'm sure you'll find the right space/venue!

Anonymous said...

I've been watching to see how this venture worked out - like you, I have considered space in an antiques mall, but have been concerned about whether it can be profitable. The closest one to me is still almost 20 miles away, and my car has been less than reliable of late (I am not employed out of the home, and have 14 acres to maintain, so not having transportation isn't a huge issue most of the time.) It's given me quite a bit to ponder.

I have been rooting for you all along, though! I really wish it had worked out better for you.

Back Garage said...

You're not losing TOO much on the space. Keep it up! It takes a while for a business to get off the ground, no matter what it is. Times are slow right now and you may be taking a loss, but keep at it. Tweak it. Take Sue's advice and try to get out there more often. Learn what makes it work and then make it work. Make it your goal to simply break even for a couple months -- don't aim too high. You can write off the loss until you start succeeding. And even success has its pitfalls (like taxes). I say: keep at it. Don't be discouraged by a few months in the hole. People take losses on their businesses for YEARS -- but to be a good business owner you have to be able to exist in that mindset. Just because it's not making an instant profit doesn't mean it's failing. You have to experiment a bit, but don't give up.

Back Garage said...

Also, can I just say? You're way more likely to succeed than all these fuddy duddy old men that make antiques their business. You have your finger on the pulse -- and that should be good for something. I honestly think it's only a matter of keeping up your inventory and getting out there more often. The more hours you put into it, the more you can eek out of it. But you're better at this than so many of these old, antiquated junkers (though God love them).

I will get off my soapbox now.

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

I'm so glad I read this post and the helpful comments. I too have an antique mall booth and in the year I've been there, I think I made rent (through sales) one time. But I'm also quite bad about changing out inventory even though I KNOW that's important. Thanks for the kick in the patootie!