Monday, August 31, 2009

Hocking Hills Antique Barn - Final Report :(

Yep, this weekend me and my stuff left the Barn and hit the highway toward home - toward the big yard sale my parents and I are having this weekend, to be more specific.

It was a hard decision to make, I did like doing it, but the return just wasn't there for me. It's funny, I had to make the decision coming off my best month yet - in July I actually made rent, plus $42.00. But, I knew it wasn't sustainable, so I told them I would move out at the end of August.

I put everything at half off for a week, then at 75% off for the last week. For the whole month of August I sold $61.50. Granted, I didn't add any new items in August, which didn't help, but at 75% off some of that stuff was super cheap and still didn't move! It helped me feel like I made a good decision....

It may be something I try again in the future, maybe somewhere closer. It just wasn't for me right now, but you never know unless you try, right?


Henrietta said...

You did make the right decision, even though it is tough to let go of the dream.

When you are selling at 75% off is there any margin left? Money is just short this year. Maybe next year?

Glenda said...

I know its a tough decision to make, we had the same problem here after 5 good years! That is actually how I ended up on eBay - all the 'extra's - now I'm selling full time on eBay. Times are alittle tight with everyone, but you'll probably find it less stressful now! Remember God doesn't close one door without opening another one!

sue said...

Again, bummer that it didn't work out. I had to try 3 locations before I found the right "fit."

Good luck with the yard sale! XOX

Erin said...

Sorry to hear things didn't go as you had hoped. I feel it's important to live your life without regret though.. and like you said, at least you tried! :)

nicolette said...

It's a bad year, but actually Craigslist, eBay, etc, are all great venues.

Too bad things didn't work out, but I'm sure they will.


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Maxine said...

Keep trying!!! I'm am sorry it didn't work out for you but with a positive attitude as I'm sure you are well aware... you'll see something will feel right and you'll try again. You can't keep a good person down!! Forge on!!!

Stan Johnson said...

Sad to see you leave, but we'll try to find you at your new place. You have the best vintage stuff, I wish many more years of business for you!