Sunday, October 11, 2009

New goodness on eBay!

I have listed some really fun stuff lately - let's take a look!

At auction on eBay - ending soon!

I scored 6 pairs of rarely worn shoes from the 80's at one estate sale - they are all size 8, if that's your size get your bids in and we'll send you a big box of shoe goodness!

Vintage Size 8 White Naturalizer Peep Toe Pumps

Do you all remember back in the early 80's when Del Monte gave away plush "Country Yumkins" toys if you sent in can labels? I wanted them SO BAD - but my Mom wasn't a big fan of Del Monte. Well, I managed to stumble across five of them at one sale - and they are as cute as I remember!

Vintage Del Monte Country Yumkins Reddie Tomato - 1982

This next one is really, really hard for me to part with - a vintage handmade Raggedy Ann doll! I was completely attached to my "Raggy" when I was a kid, and she looked just like this one only with different clothes... If she doesn't sell at auction she might just be staying with me!

Vintage 19" Handmade Raggedy Ann Doll

Of course there isn't often a week that goes by that I don't list some glass - much to Will's chagrin (it's the hardest to package!)...

Vintage West Virginia Glass Blendo Pitcher and Glasses Set

Vintage Federal Glass Milk Glass Mixing Bowl Set

There's more auctions than this of course, these are just some of my favorites - head on over if you want to check out the rest!

New in my eBay Store:

Since I haven't been posting about my new auctions much lately, I had better show you some of the stuff that didn't sell and is now listed in my eBay store - it amazes me sometimes the cool stuff that doesn't get bids... At least they usually eventually sell out of the store!

Vintage Colorware Breadbox and Foil/Wax Paper/Paper Towel Dispenser Set - (Pink with a Pussywillow design - does it get any better than that?!?)

Vintage Ceramic Black Cat Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Made In Japan - (Just in time for Halloween!)

Vintage Mod 60's Floral Pinch Pleat Curtains - 2 Windows, 4 Panels - (Um, perfect?)

Vintage Ball Jar Glass Container - SNACKS - (I love containers that scream what they are supposed to be used for!)

Vintage Dakin Stuffed Black Cat Japan 1980 - (Finding this officially cemented Dakin as my favorite maker of stuffed animals - too cute, and again, just in time for Halloween!)

Again, there's lots more - and don't forget that everything in my store has the Best Offer option if you want to haggle! ;)

I'll be back a little later with some new stuff I listed on Etsy - stay tuned!


kibbygirl said...

I have just found your blog and I love it. Very beautiful. I have givin you an award at have a great day

Kim@ The Girl Can't Help It said...

I was a kid in the 80's but I don't remember the "Country Yumkins". I wish I did, because MAN is it too cute! I want to see the whole collection!

Vicki said...

Doll, the shoes-- I love them, but this gal wears a size 9! Ouch!

I have got to visit your ebay page. It's a shame you are having a devil of a time with your listings. I hope all goes well making the changes.

secreteliese said...

LOVE the milk glass bowl set, you seem to have the same lust for kitchenware that I am rapidly moving towards!!
If only these were in the UK I would certainly be purchasing like crazy.

Sadly the supply in England in lacking :(

Lovely site btw!