Monday, June 14, 2010

Swap Vintage Press Release - Help Spread The Word!

 Things are starting to really get rolling over at Swap Vintage - we are almost at 50 members, and people are posting items available to be traded, including this beauty:

It's an old glass bank - how cool is that?!?

Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and post the press release I wrote for the site launch here, in case any of you wanted to have something to post on your blogs to help me spread the word. :)

The Press Release:

Do you have vintage and antique collectibles around the house that you know are great, but don't really need or want anymore?

Did you buy a box lot at an auction or an estate sale to get that one special item inside, and don't know what to do with the leftovers?

Is your collection outgrowing your space, or do you have duplicates that you don't know what to do with?

Are you a crafter or artist who uses vintage supplies in their work, and need to destash your studio?

There is now a way for you to take all those little gems and put them to work for you -!

Swap Vintage is a unique online trading community set up specifically for members to be able to swap vintage items with one another - you can take those items that you have, and trade them for things that you really want!

There are categories for all interests - Clothing & Accessories, Costume Jewelry, Housewares & Decor, Craft & Sewing Supplies, Vintage Linens, Dolls Toys & Games, Paper Ephemera, Books & Magazines, Gardening, and Collectibles.

Membership is only $5.00 a month, and there is a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL so you can give the site a test drive! There are no ads, and nothing is for sale - it's all about members swapping with members.

See you there! :)
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