Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Bought ... Furniture? Me? Really?

If you read my blog with any regularity, you have probably noticed that I almost never talk about furniture, or show furniture that I have bought, etc. It isn't because I don't like vintage furniture - I do. (Who doesn't!) The problem is that I don't have any ROOM for furniture. My house is crammed to the bursting point, seeing as how literally half of my living space is given over to the business.

With that being said, check out what I bought! :)

I won it at an auction, something else I don't do very often. It was an online auction though, through an auctioneer that is local. So I got to sit in my jammies and bid, which was very nice... I snagged the dresser for $21.00. Score!

It is currently at my parent's house, waiting for me to make room for it. It is looking possible - I just need to ditch the chest of drawers I have now (my parents are taking it) and move some things around to make it fit. I'll be back once it is all moved in to show you the final product!

I got some other things at the auction to list, so stay tuned for that too :)


Becky said...

I wish we lived closer cause i am a whiz at re-arranging furniture and getting a lot out of a space! Can't wait to see your pics when it's done.

twinklez1985 said...

Wow $21 that's amazing. I wish we could get furniture for that price over here in the UK :(

Mr. Modtomic said...

That is a pretty sweet score! I really dig how the dresser manages to be utterly Mid-Century but with a nod to the Waterfall Art-Deco dressers from say the '30s. Those curved drawers just make this dresser.