Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've Got Domino Magazine Back Issues - Finally!

I think I have been looking for a stash of Domino magazines for well over a year now, and I FINALLY found one... It even had the first issue, plus 4 more issues from 2005 - which are all at auction together now as one lot!

The rest I listed at fixed price in my store - click on over to see all that I have - a few have sold already, so get them while the gettin's good :)

(I listed a lot of cool magazines over the last couple of days actually, including a few mid-century modern design mags - very hard to part with, that's for sure...)

Update: All my Domino issues are sold - they didn't last long! Check out eBay to see who else is selling them right now by clicking below:


DearHelenHartman said...

I saved every issue of ME's Home Companion for years but in the last move we made, just tore out all the paperdolls and tossed the mags. Seeing a cover for one makes me all sad for doing that. Just bought a small stack of 1950s pocketsized magazine called Quick - am having a blast reading from the past)

Garden Forum said...

It must be a good stuff

Rhan Vintage said...

The best magazine ever! Can't believe it's gone. I found a stack at a garage sale and snatched them all.

Twila said...

Wow! I'm so happy to see it's not just me who misses Domino Magazine after two years. Just spent the weekend going through my copies, again. There is an issue that 8'm missing. Does anyone remember the issue with 2 sisters living in The same New York apt building, 2 distinct styles?
I loved both of them and hope to find of copy of the article. Thanks in advance.