Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New On Etsy - Pin-Up Girls & More!

Hey everyone, first off I have to say that I'm sorry I haven't been posting very often lately... I've been neglecting all of my blogs, not just this one, so please don't feel particularly insulted - it's not you, it's me, I swear! ;) My job schedule has changed so I am getting used to that, and also I've just not really felt like posting - does that ever to happen to anyone else? I guess when you blog for YEARS your enthusiasm for it is bound to dip at least sometimes...

But, I'm here now, and I have some really fun stuff to share with you that I've listed on Etsy recently... My favorites are the great 1960s pin-up girls I scored - I've never seen any quite like them before! All of them are covered with a plastic sheet that says Lift Here in the bottom right hand corner. The girls' clothes and other accessories are printed on the plastic. When you lift up the plastic, the girls are nude underneath - clever!

There is one of the girls that makes me kind of go Hmmmm.... It's the hair (wig?) - I can't decide what the deal is with it... What do you all think? Just a VERY poor styling choice? Maybe the new guy was in that day or something?

I did list some less risque things as well - including a lot of 1940s Flower Bouquet prints by Jean-Louis Prevost. They are SO pretty, very hard to part with!

Also new to the shop are some star constellation charts I rescued from an old astronomy textbook from 1946 - really cool and I love the blue background on them!

Stay tuned, I am really trying to tackle the backlog of paper I have waiting to be listed on Etsy - I tend to shop like there are 3 of me to list stuff! ;)

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