Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vintage Marimekko + my other Kentucky scores!

Our trip to Kentucky was a lot of fun - and you know I had to sneak in a bit of shopping in between seeing the sights! I posted the photos from Fort Boonesborough and Old Fort Harrod over on my other blog, if you want to check them out.

We visited an antique mall in Harrodsburg, which has what might be the greatest antique mall name ever - Rags To Riches Antique Center Flea Mall. It was pretty big, so we wandered around for quite a while. Of course I saw plenty I would have picked up if it wasn't already at retail price, but that is how it usually is in antique malls so I wasn't too disappointed.

I had a couple things in hand when we headed to the booths at the very back of the building, and I wasn't really expecting to find anything else. But then there it was, in all its 1972 super groovy glory:

I couldn't believe my eyes, or the price! I have only ever found one other Marimekko and that was way back before I even started this blog - and honestly I never really figured I would find another one. The only bummer was that in order to get it home, we had to take it off the wood frame it was on - it wouldn't fit into the trunk with our luggage! It's not that big a deal though, shipping it with the frame on would have been a nightmare - it measures a whopping 56"x36"!

It is up at auction on eBay now, by the way, just click the link under the photo if you want to check it out in more detail (or bid! hehe).

Here's the few other goodies I picked up at the mall - we hit a few Goodwills too, but all I got was a pair of Doc Martens, which of course I proceeded to leave in the trunk of my parents car...

Not a bad little haul - a pair of Burwood butterfly wall plaques, a Princess phone, and some glitter Shiny Brites. I haven't tested the phone out yet to see if it works, keep your fingers crossed for me!

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