Friday, January 25, 2013

Featured Collectible - Vintage Deer Figurines, Planters & More

Ever since I listed this guy a couple of weeks ago:

I thought, I really should devote a blog post to some of the amazing vintage deer collectibles that are out there... I've come across several over the years, and they are always super hard to part with!

Actually, now that I am thinking about it, I could probably do a whole series of posts on woodland animals - squirrels, birds, bears, mice... there's a lot out there to choose from... stay tuned, I might just do that... ;)

First let's check out the deer though! There's all types available - sleek stylized ones, big eyed fawns, more realistic ones... whatever you're into, there is a deer out there to match it!

(wow, would I like to find one of THESE someday!)


Allison Carra said...

Oh Deer!! These guys are too cute! Love them all :) -Al

Kimberly June said...

I Looove the vintage deers! I just scored a deer/tv lamp that I'm smitten over.

Kimberly June said...

Loove the vintage deers! I just scored a deer-tv lamp that I am smitten over!

Geri Lawhon said...

The deer bookends are so cute! Love the pictures of every one of the deer in your collection.
Geri Lawhon