Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vintage Taylor & Ng coffee mug super score!

I was browsing the photos in an ad for an estate sale last week, and spotted on the kitchen counter what looked like a big collection of vintage Taylor & Ng coffee mugs. I arrived at the sale half an hour after they started taking names, and was #39 on the list - which meant I wouldn't get in until 15 minutes after opening time, in the 2nd wave of customers.

I was SO sure someone else would snatch the mugs up before I could - but, to my amazement, they were still there! I couldn't get them into my box fast enough... TWELVE mugs in all, by far the largest collection of them I have ever found.

I got them all listed on Sunday - 10 to auction on eBay, 2 straight to my Etsy shop. One of them sold already - the naughty Giraffe mug:

The other one, which is a combo of naughty rabbits and a Le Lapin rabbit (I've never found a combo mug like this before!) is still available:

I have another one of these at auction on eBay also, it was the only design I had duplicates of...

And, here are the rest, all at auction now!:


Collette | Serendipity Handmade said...
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Pam Kueber said...

I am really into Taylor and Ng -- their designs are fabulous. Just last week I scored four NOS -- a set -- at the Salvation Army for $3.50. Not sure if I will keep them or sell them. Definitely wonderful 1980s vintage style!

Mitzi Swisher said...

Wow Pam a NOS set? SCORE! hehe

Treasures By Brenda said...

They're great mugs - Taylor & Ng. I am especially fond of the blue ones. Would you believe I have been selling mugs for years and have yet to find one by this manufacturer?