Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Great House Project of 2013 - Meet my new couch!

The great house project is coming along - very, very slowly, as I figured it would. I did manage to tick one item off of the to-do list though - score a new couch! I actually got it a few weeks ago, showed it off on Facebook, then promptly forgot to come over here to the blog and do the same.

 This is the photo that was in the auction listing.

I won it at an online auction, for $70. It looks like it was never used - I'm guessing it was the "good" couch in some little Grandma's house, the one that sat in the living room no one was ever allowed to use. Maybe even with plastic over it. Will says he thinks it was a funeral home couch - needless to say I don't think he is a fan of the upholstery pattern! ;) I like it, but really it doesn't matter, because I have a chocolate brown sofa cover to put over it to protect it from doggie feet.

 Another auction listing photo, close up of the upholstery.

The tag inside says Franklin Furniture Company, a subsidiary of The Stearns And Foster Company. And there is another tag that says Leugers Fine Furniture, Cincinnati Ohio.

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