Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New on Etsy - vintage Vargas girl pin-ups from Playboy!

If you follow me on Facebook you've already seen that I listed a TON of vintage Vargas girl pin-ups that were pulled from old Playboy magazines. It took me a while to get them all listed, that's for sure! I found them at an estate sale, already removed from the magazines and stored in a folder. Sometimes I just can't believe my luck! :) I found a website that had all the Vargas prints that were in Playboy with the month and year that they ran, so I was able to include that info in the listings, which is kind of cool.

Here are a few of my favorites - I cropped them for the gallery photos, to make them safe for work. If you click through to the listings, the full scans are in the 2nd image. Click on over to see all that I have!


Dolly the Bird said...

Wow! What a fantastic find! I bet you almost passed out when you opened that folder! I don't know if I could part with them though...that's my problem...I want to keep everything! I like that you took the time and initiative to research them too. Where I live, dealers are sooooo lazy and usually don't bother to even clean things let alone give their customers valuable info on the items. Drives me nuts! Well done, chick! Those are gorgeous!

Mitzi Swisher said...

lol, I did almost faint! And I have to confess - I kept a few for myself. ;)