Monday, August 19, 2013

Featured Collectible - Vintage Telephones

Since most telephones that people use today fit in your pocket, old land line telephones have become very collectible. I found one a couple of weeks ago (I haven't listed it yet - we don't have a land line, so I have to take it to my parent's house to test it out!) and it occurred to me, I haven't done a Featured Collectible post about phones yet! How I've gone this long without doing one is beyond me... Let's remedy the situation, shall we?

For me, these "donut" phones are the cream of the crop when it comes to vintage telephones. I've only found ONE in all my days of treasure hunting! This one is at auction now, new old stock no less!

I love the Trimline phones because they are the phones that remind me of my childhood the most. There are push button and rotary styles, and TONS of colors to choose from!

These Ericofon phones are probably one of the strangest telephones ever designed - you've gotta love it! I've never found one of these before, hopefully I will someday!

It seems like a LOT of the vintage phones are Western Electric phones. Great keyword to use if you are searching for a retro phone!

You can't go wrong with the classic black rotary style...

If you ever come across one of these Western Electric phones that has a little light on it, snatch that puppy up - apparently they are worth the BIG bucks!!

Vintage Blue Rotary Princess Telephone
And then you have the iconic Princess phone - these also come in a wide variety of colors. I'm in love with this blue one!!

The Starlite phones are kinda similar to the Princess phones...

There are a lot of different styles of these fancy cradle telephones, I tend to think of them as boudoir phones, like a Hollywood movie star would chat on at her vanity while wearing a frilly nightgown. They are sometimes referred to as Princess phones, or French Style phones.

WHOA - Glass!!!

Of course you can't go wrong with character phones - here's Hello Kitty!! Too cute!

Here's Mickey, a classic...

And last but not least, we can't forget Snoopy! I love that this phone has Woodstock on it too. :)


Emma Cherry said...

Well, princess phone - my favourite out of the bunch :)

Emma (Dear Thirty) x

Kimble said...

We are definitely thinking along the same lines. Just did a round up on five of the best vintage phones that are still available and working today.

The Ericofon is definitely my favourite