Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Flip This! - Oneida Patrick Henry Stainless Flatware

I got all positive feedback on the idea of writing about the selling side of things here on the Vintage Goodness blog - so here we go! I'm starting out with a quick BOLO (be on the look out) post, I will probably be doing a lot of these types of posts, as I think they are most helpful to other sellers... I'm calling it my Flip This! series - as in, flip this item for a nice profit - the name of the game, as it were! ;)

I recently tackled the huge backlog of stainless flatware I had waiting to be listed, and I ended up having one really great pattern - Oneida's Patrick Henry. I listed it on eBay, and bidding was hot and heavy. I sold all but one of my listings, and everything that sold went for great prices. The highest was this set of 4 dinner forks:

Sold - $72.35

I figured out that listing in lots of 4 like this was a good way to go for this pattern, from looking at completed listings. Also, a buyer wrote me asking for measurements - she said older pieces are a bit different in size than later ones. Replacements says it was produced between 1987 and 2004, so apparently somewhere in there they changed them up a little bit. So you will want to include measurements in your listings, so that buyers know which type you are offering.

Click here for the most current completed listings results on eBay for Oneida Patrick Henry, in case you are reading this long after it was originally posted and want to check the latest price trends. Prices do tend to fluctuate over time for most things, so doing a bit of research before you list is always a good idea!

Happy Hunting! :)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting piece. Patrick Henry was also available with Betty Crocker coupons for years. I saved enough coupons in the 70s to have 6 place settings plus the serving pieces. It was a great deal for a young penniless teacher! Thanks for the info.