Thursday, January 9, 2014

Antique Mall Booth Update - December 2013

I had a really good first two weeks of December, then sales really slowed down for the last two weeks. In the end it all evened out, but I am still not selling as much as I would like to be, especially considering the time it takes to maintain... I am hoping to give the whole booth a bit of a makeover in the next month or two - I SWEAR that I will remember to take my camera with me when I do! I forgot to take it with me at ALL in December. I don't know where my brain goes some days!

I only have one photo of something new I added to the booth in December, this great pair of ceramic Native American busts that I was originally going to list online, then decided to try in my booth first. They haven't sold yet. :(

I have been adding new things every week though, and last week when I was in there I lowered the prices on some things that have been sitting there a while. I figure when I do the booth makeover I'll pull out a lot of the old stuff that hasn't sold, or maybe have a 25% off sale or something to help move some things out...

Ok, enough rambling, here's the December breakdown:

Carnival Sign - 3.00
Printer's Type Tray - 36.00
Printer's Type Tray - 36.00
Wire Magazine Rack - 27.00
2 Ceramic Owl Wall Plaques - 24.00
8 Point Antler Rack - 30.00
2 Point Antler Rack - 15.00
Owl Slate Painting - 15.00
Coca Cola Cups - 14.00
3 Bird Prints - 9.00
Hazel Atlas Chopper - 8.00

Total Sales:  $217.00
Total Commission: $17.48
Total Rent: $72.00

Total Profit - $127.52 (not counting cost of items or time spent working)

I was happy to see that I managed to sell some over $20 items in December, especially the two printer's trays which I actually sold via one of my Craig's List ads, which is great. Also, every Owl themed item I've put in the booth has sold fairly quickly, so I will definitely be adding more of those in the future!


Mr. Modtomic said...

Yeah, December was a relatively slow month for me too. I guess everybody was spending their dough at the Walmart. Don't worry, it'll pick back up soon!

Anonymous said...

I've had many antique booths and flea market booths and it's tough work. I feel like what helped the most were my big ticket items with a large profitability. Think a dresser I paint $30 for with supplies to paint and selling it for $300. Don't give up. It takes a while to get a good following in a big antique mall!