Sunday, August 3, 2014

Antique Mall Booth Update - July 2014

I am pleased to report that July was a bit better than the last few months were - I'm still not killing it, but things are headed in the right direction! I've not added much new lately either, which I need to work on... I have two sets of photos of the booth that I took in July to show you, then I'll do the breakdown of what sold!

July 2014 Sales:

Sam Avedon Plastic Chairs - $55.00
Glass Aspirin Bottle - $5.00
Clock Radio - $15.00
Large Globe - $30.00
Pyrex Measuring Cup - $17.00
Thermos - $12.00
Macrame Wall Art - $22.50
2 Vintage Cookbooks - $10.00

Total Sales: $166.50
- Commission: $14.53
- Rent: $72.00

Total Profit: $79.97 (not including cost of items & time spent working)


Charlotte Huffman said...

Congratulations! I see a few things that I would like to have!

Midas said...

Looking at this post, I've decided I need a vintage globe for my room.