Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New listing schedule at Vintage Goodness!

In an effort to organize our lives and actually get things done, we have come up with a new listing schedule:

Sunday - list Auctions on eBay

Monday - list Ephemera on Etsy

Tuesday - list Auctions on eBay

Wednesday - list Children's Books on Etsy

Thursday - list Auctions on eBay

Friday - list Jewelry on Etsy

I have a huge backlog of vintage ephemera, kids books, and jewelry that needs listed on Etsy... I am hoping assigning specific days to each area will help me to get caught up!

Here is some ephemera I listed last night:

Vintage Butterfly Book Pages

Vintage Memory Game Cards


Heidi Ann said...

That is the Memory game I have. I've had it since I was little, still in great condition in it's original box. And it was definitely played with! And the pictures on the cards are still my favorite ones out of all the versions of the game I've seen through the years.

Mitzi said...

I know, they are the cutest! I love the little girl with the flying pigtails ;)

dreworama said...

whoa! those memory cards are the bestest!

Lesha said...

Just happened to stumble across your blog while looking for vintage butterfly are. This memory game I always played with my Grandma! Those pictures are so memorable!