Monday, August 18, 2008

Please say hello to...

Lashes LaRue!

Congrats to Paper Dolls For Boys - the random number generator said you suggested the best name - isn't it just so smart? I do love it, it fits her perfectly!

Thanks to everyone for all the great names! If I ever find another mannequin I will be sure to let you all name her too... ;)


Paper Dolls For Boys said...

It not fair to the other contestants since I used to work part time naming mannequins to put myself through college. I had an edge, random generator or not!

Thanks for the lovely prize. How fun!


Moddities :: 20th Century Vintage said...

Hi, Lashes ;)

AuctionWally said...

That was going to be my second choice!
Great name.
By the way, the name of this mannequin will be involved in this weeks contest on the Auctionwally show so tune in at

Mama Brook said...

Haha, that's cute!

Monica said...

How cute is this!!! what a great name!!!