Friday, March 20, 2009

Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2009 - Week 1

So, the first week of the AT Spring Cure is almost over, and it has done me a bit of good already - the theme for the week is Creating Your Vision.

1. Take a good look at your home and make a list of stuff that bothers you.

This was easy - I look around here every day and see all the things that bother me. Every time I turn around something is bothering me, as a matter of fact!

- Everything is cluttered.

- Everything needs cleaned.

- There is too much stuff that has no home.

2. What's your ideal vision for your home?

This was pretty easy too, as it directly ties into my answers from #1.

- Less clutter: If we don't need it, use it, or truly love it, it shouldn't be here!

- Clean: Not only would I like everything to be clean, I would like everything to be EASIER to clean, so that maybe we'll actually clean more often!

- Organized: Things that are staying need a home, a space where they belong, where they can be put away when we are aren't using them.

3. Inspiration photos

I didn't spend a ton of time on finding photos - my Cure is more about cleaning and organizing rather than re-decorating. But I did find a couple things that illustrate my point:

Office View from 314Creations on Flickr

I would love to have a bunch of labeled containers. I used to think of that as extreme organizing - taking the personality right out of a room. Now that I have spent the last few years surrounded by STUFF, the idea of neatly compartmentalizing things is much more appealing. It feels serene to me, rather than boring.

Plus, knowing where everything is all the time would just really rock.

Bedroom from TheSmartestFish on Flickr

This was the best photo I could find to represent the feel I want to achieve as much as possible - simple and calm. See how the only thing on the table is the lamp? I'm craving that!

I wish I had a more exciting plan to report on - like remodeling a bathroom or redecorating a living room or bedroom... maybe next year, I've got to get a handle on things as they are first! ;)


jen said...

I am SO with you--clutter just drains me! Help--someone help!!

Taryn said...

I too am with you, Darling! We went to IKEA to try and achieve what you've shown in the first photo. We seriously lack closet space here, so doing something like this is a great idea. However, it started off nicely and now it's just a big mess again!

I think it's GREAT what you are trying to do, and I wanted to give you kudos.

I have linked you as a favorite blogger for some time now, but wanted to stop by and leave a comment to let you know I think have a great blog!

In addition, I left you a little surprise on today's post at my blog (03-27). I do hope you check it out!


miss vintage love said...

I need to de-clutter, thanks for reminding me!!