Friday, April 2, 2010

Newsletter Issue #18 - Vintage Decorating Resources & More!

I am working on the April issue of the Vintage Goodness newsletter - this one is all about vintage style decorating - more specifically, resources that can help you find out what real people did to decorate their homes back in the day. You would be surprised at the variety of sources you can turn to that will give you a great education on the period that you are interested in!

If you haven't signed up yet you had better do it now - I'll most likely send it out Saturday afternoon or evening! :)

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Herbgirl said...
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Herbgirl said...

I'm also a lover of VINTAGE and am stopping by to sign up for your newsletter. Thanks for doing such a wonderful thing!
Herbal Blessings, Mandy

mercedes grill said...

there's always something about the's classic and timeless

Belle said...

i too am also a huge lover of vintage, what a great blog!

i've just started a blog of my own, it is still a work in progress but it is getting there... i think it may be your kind of thing.

i'm inspired by all things french, feminine and that have been before.

i hope to see you there :-)

love belle x