Sunday, April 25, 2010

Collection Complete - Vintage Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Books

I did it! It only took a few years, but I have successfully thrifted all the vintage Better Homes & Gardens binder style decorating books. Check it out:

 Last weekend I found the elusive 1956 turquoise cover one at an estate sale for 50 cents (!!). Technically my collection was complete then, but since I had the gold boxed version of the 1961 edition rather than the black cover version, I thought well, I will try to get that too - and then I will be content.

So what do I find this weekend at an estate sale for $1.00? Yep - the last piece of the puzzle. The thrifting gods were on my side!

Now I just need to start scanning pages...

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MoonDoggie said...

Wow that's excellent.
I've been looking for ANY mid century magazines for a while now and have found NONE!
Glad you're collection is now complete.

MoonDoggie said...

Glad YOUR collection is now complete (not you're - grrr)

The Retrench Report said...

that's funny..i just sold this today..

maybe someone else trying to complete a collection!

Amber Von Felts said...

I have the one on the top right side. I love it. YOu can really pull design ideas out of those. I have bookmarked the pages that show stuff I own. How fun!

tnjundejour said...

This is funny. I found the turquoise one Friday at an estate sale. The sale was at the most amazing MCM house ever. I'm going back tomorrow to take pictures when most of the stuff is out. The furnishings weren't that great.
I have tons of BH&G from the 60's. My mother subscribed and never threw away any.