Saturday, May 1, 2010

Industrial Chic & Medical Geek - New At Auction This Week!

Sorry, I couldn't resist the rhyming. ;)

We didn't get many auctions listed this week - other projects ate up a good chunk of time, as tends to happen every once in a while... Hopefully this coming week will be more productive, my "to be listed" pile is growing - which is never a bad thing!

Most of what I did list falls into Industrial Chic or Medical Geek categories - hence the title of this post! Plus a few other goodies thrown in there for good measure - check it out:

(I literally unscrewed this beauty from the wall at an estate sale last weekend - after scrounging through the entire house looking for a screwdriver! Sooo worth it, click on through to check out the close up of the little cutout stars design on the shade! *swoon*)

(This jar is kind of a mystery - it looks like other Hazel Atlas cold cream jars I've seen, but the spring style dispenser I haven't seen before - there is a hole in the lid so you can push down on the spring... Anyone have any ideas?)

(I love these more than words can describe...)
And that's it! Not much, but all good stuff... :)

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1 comment:

Chickens in the Basement said...

Love the extension lamp! Did that come from a vintage gynocologist office?