Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's time for vintage Christmas goodness!!

Hard to believe that it is time to list Christmas decorations - but, it is - so, I did! I like to save all the holiday items that I find throughout the year and list them all in the same week. It's like my annual Christmas party for the business :)

I spread the items around a bit this year - some stuff at auction on eBay, some stuff straight into my store on eBay, and a few things to my Etsy shop. I actually have a handful of things left to list, but the first batch of auctions is ending tonight so I didn't want to put off the blog post any longer...

I have too many things to feature them all here, so I'll just show you my favorites - just click the links above if you want to check out everything I've got! :)

Vintage Holt Howard Metal Santa Claus Christmas Serving Tray

Vintage Ceramic NOEL Candy Cane Angels Candle Holder

Vintage Empire Plastics Outdoor Blowmold Electric Santa Figure

Vintage Stuffed Christmas Reindeer Made In Japan Lot

Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments
I actually have 4 boxes of glass ornaments,
3 Shiny Brites and 1 Coby - click the link to see them all...

Vintage Candy Cane Decorated Drinking Glasses Set

A Christmas Story Action Figures
I have 4 of these - this is my absolute FAVORITE Christmas
movie, they are super hard to part with!!

Vintage Christmas Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets
I have 5 different sets of shakers to choose from! :)

Never Used Bucilla Christmas Craft Kits
I have 5 different Bucilla Kits up at auction, hoping someone who
is craftier than I am snags them!