Saturday, November 5, 2011

New goodness at auction on eBay this week!

My auctions are really hopping this week - not only have I had good luck with the Lightolier catalog that I posted about already, but wait til you see what these phone books I found at an estate sale are going for! They are going to get a post all their own over on Flipping Vintage, but I had to show them off here too... I can't wait to see what the final bids are for them!

Here is my favorite, which I thought would be the most valuable, but it is currently in 2nd place - there is still about a day left so time will tell!

This one is currently in 1st place, two people got in a bidding war over it the first couple of days it was listed, neither of them have bid lately though, so I am wondering if they will go at it again at the end, or if they are done and it will sell for its current price - which wouldn't make me sad in the slightest, I mean WOW!

The last two haven't been quite as exciting to watch - one has 1 bid the other one has 0 bids - BUT, they both have several watchers so you never know how it will go until the auctions are over...

Also getting some action are the 3 lots of vintage unused greeting cards I listed, that my Dad scored at a local auction. My Dad ROCKS, if I haven't mentioned it lately! :)

And of course I also listed a few other goodies as well... And there will be a LOT more coming in the next several weeks, I've been shopping like a crazy person this month, stocking up for winter - I may have over-done it just a *tiny* bit - I actually don't know where I am going to stash it all! So hopefully the mess will be a great incentive to list list list - wish us luck!! :)

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Amber Von Felts said...

Peter Max designs are always hot! I wonder too, since it is a vintage Manhattan phone book, will there be some interesting people listed in the book! I can't believe it is up that high already!