Saturday, June 23, 2012

New goodness at auction on eBay this week!

I think I may have found my first official super score of 2012! Plus quite a few other gems that are looking to end at nice prices. It's a good week here at Vintage Goodness, check it out! :)

(1980's toys in their original box = super score! hehe)

(I wasn't able to find a maker on this - anyone have any ideas?)

(I have three of these listed actually - click over to see them all!)


Sew Inspired said...

Those are some great finds. I enjoy your blog and look forward to what you post.

John Schindler II said...

Wow! I can remember when the Transformers first aired on TV. I don't think there were many kids that I knew that didn't miss an episode. That brings back tons of memories.

workshop shed said...

Lovely items indeed! Thanks a lot for the share.