Sunday, June 3, 2012

New goodness on eBay this week - that I didn't break.

There was a bit of a tragedy here at Vintage Goodness headquarters this week.



Yes, I broke it. And I was so upset with myself that I nearly cried. Somehow I managed to get it set upright with no issues to take the photos, but when I moved it to the scale and turned my back to write down the weight, it tipped over and the top piece fell to the ground. Hard.

Will and I decided that the candle warmer base wasn't meant to go with the coffee pot - the fit was off just enough that it was able to wobble in it, and it slid sideways - and that was that. So, I pulled myself together and listed the remaining pieces as replacement parts - here's hoping someone out there with an intact top can use them!

Luckily, I actually found 2 vacuum coffee pots last weekend - the 2nd one has an electric base that fits snug as a bug, so I managed to get it listed with no issues. ::whew::

I listed a handful of other things as well - not nearly enough, I had an "off" week as far as getting my listings done goes... Hopefully this week is going to be much better, the sales have been very good to me the last couple of weeks - I have a TON of great stuff I need to get listed! :)

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