Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The last 3 Pratt posters - who wants them?

Remember back in March, 2011 when I listed a huge set of Pratt Institute Posters? No? Here's the link if you want to read all about it - it was quite a little adventure for me, my blog post even ended up on Metafilter and I got a huge flood of traffic from it!

I sold a poster a couple of days ago, and thought, well I have to be getting to the end of them by now, how many do I have left? Turns out I have 3 left - so I figured why not post them here in case one of my readers might want one?

Click on over to see the details, if you are interested in one (or all three!) just drop me a line at vintagegoodness@gmail.com - you can have them for $10 each with free shipping, first come, first serve!

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