Sunday, April 21, 2013

New goodness on eBay and Etsy this week!

I got sidetracked this week and didn't get a chance to do a haul post showing what I found out at the sales last weekend - but luckily, I got almost everything listed this week, both on eBay and on Etsy. So settle in, I've got quite a lot to show you! Have I mentioned how happy I am that sale season is finally here? ;)

At auction on eBay:

At fixed price on eBay:

On Etsy:


Anonymous said...

I have the other Dukes of Hazzard pillowcase! So cool :) By the way, you have like the best photos ever. What's your secret? Maybe you could share some of your reselling photo tips in a future post? Thanks! - Amanda

Mitzi Swisher said...

Hi Amanda! It's so funny you say I have good photos, I am NEVER happy with them. :P Currently I just have painted white beadboard set up to photo on, with two lamps with OttLite bulbs in them for light. I always have to mess with the pictures in Photoshop before I post them online - usually lightening them up, and correcting color balance. I used to photo against a navy blue background, which I think was actually easier as far as getting colors correct - but the trend online these days is for items to be on white, so this is what I've got for the moment...