Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This weekend's thrift scores!

I went to one estate sale on Friday, and a few regular garage sales on Saturday - overall I didn't bring a whole lot home, but what I did find is pretty good, so I can't complain!

The red and turquoise butterfly string art was hanging in the basement at the estate sale, so it needs cleaned up - keep your fingers crossed for me, it might be a little tricky! The bear was made in Italy - I think it is a soap dish? It was too weird to leave behind. ;) I found FOUR old safety razors, which are always good sellers, and the wire napkin holder is too cool. The Spice Of Life utensil set was a neat find, and then I grabbed two bags of flatware - one is a huge set of black handled Eldan made in Japan, the other set isn't marked with a brand but was also made in Japan and has a pretty Rose design on it. Also in there were some Epic Prince serving pieces, which are pretty great.

Last but not least is this adorable pair of prints signed Medeiros - I haven't looked around to see if I can find any information on them yet...

As always if there is anything you are interested in just drop me a line at vintagegoodness@gmail.com! :)

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Sew Inspired said...

Great finds. I love the butterfly and the utensils. I would have bought them too.