Sunday, September 15, 2013

Decorating with Deer Antlers - New at auction on eBay this week!

I've never found any deer antlers before, but last weekend I finally got lucky and scored SIX different wall plaque racks at an estate sale! Well, I've seen them when I was out before, but they were always priced way too high for me to be able to pick them up... I know there are some folks out there who say eeewww, gross! about stuff like this, but it is a pretty popular trend right now, so there must be a lot of people who like them.

In fact they are trendy enough that I was able to create a Pinterest board of examples of people using them in their home decor. What is interesting is they aren't all necessarily in a typical "rustic" type of setting - instead people seem to be using them to add a bit of an organic feel to more modern style decor. I kind of dig it myself, they don't have much of an ick factor for me, and I like the way they look in a lot of the rooms I found online. Here is just a couple of examples from my board:

From Plastolux

And here are the antlers I found, they are all at auction right now!

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