Monday, February 3, 2014

Antique Mall Booth Update - January 2014

Dismal. Dismal. Dismal. Between everyone being burnt out on shopping because of the holidays, and the terrible weather we have been having lately, this month was awful. As in I didn't make rent awful. :( I did, however, remember to snap a few photos the last time I was in!

I somehow missed getting a photo of the full back wall of the booth, which I wanted to show you because my Dad was in with me one day a couple weeks ago, measuring it. He is going to help me make a new, taller pegboard wall that will hide all of my neighbors stuff! I can't wait - I can definitely use more pegboard room!

I am also still on the hunt for new shelves - I found a small all wood shelf to replace my small white one, so I'm hoping to find one or two tall wood shelves (or at least shelves that look like wood) to go with it. I've been surfing for ideas on how to add some character to my shelves once I've got them - what do you all do to spice up your plain Jane antique mall shelving?

I'm a little torn as far as what I want the booth to be for in the long run - so far I've stocked it with a lot of smalls, but really the main reason I wanted a booth to begin with was to sell larger items that I find that would be too much of a pain to sell online. So, if I want to have room for some larger items, I will have to reduce the space I've got available for smalls... I'm still thinking about it, I'll keep you all posted...

Anyway, here is the very short breakdown of what I sold in January:

Candy Tin - $6.00
Farm Cookbook - $5.00
Kroehler Chair - $40.00
Total:  $51.00

Total Commission / Credit Card Fees - $5.04

Total Profit (not including cost of items / time spent working) - $45.96

Rent is $72.00, so I had to cut them a check for $26.04. Here's hoping February is better!!


Mr. Modtomic said...

Don't feel bad, my booth at The Shag just made it's own rent. But my new booth at Creve Coeur did gang busters! Might just be beginners luck out there though. Can't ever just "count on it". Cheer up, it won't be cold out forever...Spring is just around the corner!

Mom Wald said...

You did sell a chair though, so your plan looks good. It was worth more than the smalls you sold. Hmmm, detecting a theme here. You CAN do it! Don't give up.

Mitzi Swisher said...

Thanks! I actually got another chair that I am going to squeeze in there, since I had success selling the first one... Photos to come, I promise! ;)

Linda McGlone said...

I think all of us had a slow period this winter. I like to use slow times to spruce up my booth. If you do this when it is slow you will be all ready when the spring rush hits and it will hit. As far as display, I like finding small hanging shelves and painting them. I use these to show off my collections and it works great! I even sell the shelves. When I can I like to use stencils. They are very popular here and guess what? I sell them!!! They are a hot item here. I like your blog and I am working on one for myself. I have been doing this for years and I have learned so much and love sharing.