Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Week's Estate Sale Booty

I was able to go to two estate sales on Saturday, I wanted to go back to one of them for half off day on Sunday, but I didn't make it out of bed in time. It's alright though, two sales in one weekend in the middle of winter is like a dream, and I got plenty of cool stuff! (Click the photos to see their super sized versions.)

Look at these liquor bottles! They are marked with "TCW Co USA". I just love their mod look and they have their original cork stoppers! The apothecary jar with its original box behind them is Federal Glass, and the never used Bundt cake pan is from Nordic Ware.

I'm totally in love with the Kromex ice bucket, it just needs cleaned up and it will be perfect. The tissue box is metal, from one of my favorites, Ransburg.

I had to give you a close up shot of the Dolly Toy Co. cardboard totem pole, and the very 60's painted key holder.

I was surprised to find the never used Pyrex casserole in a basket holder, I think those baskets are kind of hard to come by. Of course original boxes are always a big bonus too.

Owls! The mug is Otagiri from Japan, the ceramic guy is actually a hanging lantern, I think you put a candle inside.

The green planter is marked Haeger, the huge - and heavy! - striped planter is marked 1870 USA. The whole USA mark thing drives me insane - so many pottery companies marked just USA it makes it really hard to find out the actual maker. I need to break down and buy a good guide.

I found cashmere! I love finding cashmere. Especially a twin sweater set, in pretty pretty blue! The darker blue sweater is 100% wool. I need to clean them up - anyone have tips on cleaning dusty and/or linty wool and cashmere?

I think these are tea towels, but I'm not totally sure. The one on the left is a souvenir from South Wales with really kitchy map graphics, the other one has great Colonial style designs and is marked Wert.

I couldn't pass up this western themed scarf, you certainly don't see something like that every day...

I debated about the red painted aluminum covered cake plate, it is definitely more on the shabby end of the condition scale, but that graphic won me over. I am hoping it will improve with a good cleaning, wish me luck! The Christmas fabric potholders (4 total) I think are handmade, they are so great! That fabric is just too perfect.

These mugs are song themed, there are music notes and lyrics on their backs. Aren't those graphics just too cute? Mr. Moustache there is quite the player!

I got a set of Red Wing Pottery dishes, I know some Red Wing is very collectible. They aren't in the greatest condition, lots of scratches, but the pattern is pretty, and the price was right so I figured I would give them a shot!

I got some other things I didn't get photos of... some vintage crafting books, a couple of 1960's bookcase games, a few vintage children's books, a big stack of 1970's Mother Earth News magazines, a big stack of Orchids Magazine back issues, and a handful of things I got on my last couple of thrift store trips.

I've been a happy shopper lately! It makes me antsy for Spring, I miss my garage sales!


Mama Brook said...

What great finds! I love the pyrex baker and the cardboard totem pole! I had oner of those as a kid (the totem, not the baker!)

Leilani said...

Wow you made out with quite a load of goodies!!! I love the cake carrier and Christmas potholders and that cardboard totem is really fun. :)

Heidi Ann said...

All good!! But my favorites are the totem pole, cake taker, tissue box, and especially the Christmas potholders!

Anonymous said...

Ooh you DID get some goodies! I love the cake carrier-GREAT graphics! The totem pole is pretty cool too, I've never seen one like that. I really truly LOVE the retro fabric/graphics on the potholders! And the liquor bottles! I love the simplicity! No labels, just big, bold letters for when you get too drunk to read the little words on a paper label. And when you finally fall to floor, well luckily it's already printed sideways! So you can make out which one is which even if you can't stand up!

Mitzi said...

lol that is too funny about the liquor bottles - I hadn't thought of it that way, but you are totally right! I am glad you guys are diggin on the potholders too, they are so cute! I think I am going to list them on Etsy. ;)

Jen said...

WOW! What awesome finds! You must have a magical nose. So to speak. Such fun to look at, too.

Agnes & Co. Design Blog said...

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