Monday, March 31, 2008

And the winner is...

... Amanda from Kiss My Aster!! Here was her awesome submission:

Here's what she had to say about her photos:

"Firstly, some of my wood shoe collection filled with my new swizzle stick collection, all 120 of them for $5 at a large indoor garage sale here in Indiana. I also bought these shadowboxes there for $5 each and filled the up with stuff from the local Salvation Army... About the little toy kitchen cabinet, the whole story is in my blog, but the short version, it was $8 but rattling around inside of it was some gorgeous vintage jewelry... so I got a real steal!"

What great stuff! And I can't believe 120 swizzle sticks for $5?!?! Awesome! So congrats to Amanda, and thanks to everyone who sent photos... I was getting worried for a minute that my little contest was a flop - but you guys just like to wait til the last second, that's all! ;)

Here are the rest of the entries, they are too good not to share! All of you will be getting a 10% off coupon to my Etsy shop in an email when I am done here... :)

From Lisa over at Lisa's Retro Style:

Here is what Lisa had to say about her photos:

"The area rug I got at a garage sale when I lived in Colorado. The lady selling it hated it. I paid $50 for it. She kept telling me she would take less... I had already decided I was getting it... just having a closer look at it.... She was afraid I would change my mind. No way it's awesome! I would have felt guilty paying her any less. I've had it for probably 10 years now. Still one of my favorite things.

Then there is this Nelson McCoy butterfly vase. I got it at a barn sale... $12. I really didn't know what it was worth at the time and had no idea what a huge deal I was getting. I've seen them in shops for around $125. My 2002 book lists it at $80-$100. I just love it... it's so purrdy!"

Gorgeous rug and vase (love McCoy!) - you are a better woman than me not coming down on the rug though! ;)

From Brooklynn over at Frisk The Figidaire:

Here is what Brooklynn said about her photos:

"I couldn't choose just one thing so I've included a couple. These are all things from the same yard sale I attended this morning. I must have had about 3 boxes full - all for $40!!"

That's one fantastic sale - I am appropriately jealous! ;)

From Beth:

Here is what Beth says about her photos:

"This coat is my favorite vintage find EVER. It was hidden among a bunch of hideous mumus on a rack I almost passed over. When I found it (or it found me), I gasped and squealed, then immediately looked for a size tag. It fits like it was made for me, and I knew I had to have it the minute I tried it on. Then I slipped my hands in the pockets, and found THE GLOVES. Oh my, the gloves, vintage and beaded, and so lovely I could die. I love to think about the life of my coat with its original owner.

I found it in Phoenix, but given its weight and the cashmere, I doubt that’s where it originated. I’m thinking east coast, maybe New York. It’s in perfect condition (check out the gold lining), and must have been reserved for special occasions. I paid $30 for it, including the gloves. Best vintage find EVER."

I know how you feel on this one Beth, I scored a similar coat for $1 at a church sale and wore it out! Great photos!

From Patricia:

Here is what Patricia had to say about her photo:

"I'm not sure if my entry qualifies for your contest because I found this sweet little towel in an antique store and not in a yard sale, but I got such a great deal for it! It's so sweet! I've attached a picture of it so you can see how adorable it is."

I agree - super cute!

From Abbie:

Here is what Abbie said about her photo:

"I scored 5 1/2 yards of this fabric for A QUARTER at a yard sale!"

Whatta deal - I love it!

From Courtney:

Here's what Courtney had to say about her photo:

"I had a hard time deciding what to send in, but opted finally for a picture of my prized possession, if only by virtue of dumb luck and freebie sidewalk salvaging. I found this teak Danish mid century modern chair abandoned on the street in front of my apartment building, in near perfect condition, with glittery, sturdy gold fabric cushions. Not a terribly unique score, but circumstance is everything.

The building I live in has it’s own kind of magic – it’s a 1930 old Hollywood residence hotel, complete with painted tin ceilings and Spanish chandeliers hanging with at least 50 years of spider webs. I love Los Angeles; it’s a special kind of time machine, full of history that we know by the sheer osmosis of being Americans, post Vietnam, post Kennedy; it is like an optimistic skeleton crawling with ants. I had been shopping around for Danes, and lo and behold, one landed on my front door. I thought I was going to puke, I was so excited."

Awesome score, and such a nice room!

And that's it - thanks to everyone for letting us peek into your vintage geek lives - I love it! :)


Amanda Thomsen said...

yay! validate my awful addiction! Yay!

So Buttons said...

Shucks! Well, it was fun anyway. Love all the entries- especially the story about finding the gloves in the coat pocket. I love it when that happens! I bought a vintage purse at a flea market over the weekend and found a 50 (?) year old dead flower and a toothpick inside. OK, the gloves are better.
Hope this begins a seasonal contest tradition! Looking forward to summer!

Lisa B. said...

Hey Mitzi! Yay for Amanda...better luck next time to the rest of us. Thanks for the fun contest. I'm glad you got more entrants.

Monica said...

you had a great turnout!!! I saw the contest but I did not enter!!!

Mama Brook said...

Thanks so much for the fun contest Mitzi!!

Amanda Thomsen said...

Thanks Mitzi! Your box of goodies was delivered to my doorstep! What a great bonus! Thanks! And just in time foe the weekend shopping you KNOW I'm going to be doing!