Friday, March 7, 2008

Triumph! - My 1st Etsy sale & new stuff listed!

Not only did I make my first sale on Etsy last night, I made it in record time - about 5 minutes after I posted it!

I listed this great vintage Montgomery Ward coat, then I did another listing, then I saw that the coat had gone missing... So I looked around, and looked around, and was resigning myself to the fact that I would have to re-do it when I happened to see in my sidebar - 1 item sold!

All I can say is... halleluja!

That sale was just the little bit of encouragement I needed, and I spent a few hours happily adding new things:

Remember these? They got no love on eBay, so I moved them to Etsy (after a brief thought of, well, I could just keep them... but my more practical side won the battle this time!).

This is another piece that I tried on eBay with no luck, here's hoping some Etsian will appreciate it a bit more! It's a tin toleware silent butler - or, in layman's terms, a crumb catcher. I think it would be a great little trinket box or storage container, and I love it's shabby chic vibe!

I moved quite a bit of my clothing stash from eBay to Etsy also, and I think I may eventually move all of it there. My eBay store is so overloaded - there are like, a gazillion categories! - that I am trying to narrow it down a bit. I had already decided to move my jewelry to Etsy, so moving my clothing there also just makes sense. (If you are tiny - size 4 or 6 - it's your lucky day because most of what I listed is in that size range!)

So yeah, it's a happy day here, despite the big snowstorm that is rolling through. I was smart though and went to the store yesterday and stocked up, so we won't need to leave the house until sometime next week. :) Snow is always so much prettier when you don't have to worry about driving in it!


Mama Brook said...

Yay for first sales!

Bitterbetty said...

good for you.. That is quite a record!

Jen r. said...

Great stuff! I am going to check it out!
Jen R

Anonymous said...

Yay Mitzi! 1st sale! What a great feeling! I'm happy for you!

By the way, Remember how I told you that my my etsy shop had been dead recently?
Well it was only a day or so after you mentioned my shop on Wally's podcast that all of a sudden it picked it up! I've had sales 3 days in a row so far! Sometimes 2 at a time! It started a couple days after the show and I have not had that much business in that shop in the 2 1/2 months it's been open!
So thank you! I'm sure you'll get plenty more sales just on the good karma alone! Oh, if you get a minute, I'd love your input on my latest blog post! Thanks! Kelly over at Vaudeville Vintage

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mitzi! Well I went back into etsy and sort of cringed as I sent her the invoice. I was sooo close to politely asking her what her position was on this subject but I decided against it for fear of finding out that her family and friends collect vintage plates for her to break! I think she had something like that on her page. But I left out a few parts of my usual invoice message to her....I left out the part about joining our mailing list(Don't want her to see what else I got!) and I omitted the usual...."Please visit our store again!" (because she might!) HIDE YOUR DISHES! lol! Kelly

Vintage Indie said...

Way to go! That's rockin'!

Monica said...

CONGRATS!!!! I am glad its working out and it gives others hope(In case I have to go back to selling!!!)