Sunday, March 2, 2008

Featured Collectible - Fire-King Glass Shakers

Anchor Hocking's Fire-King is well loved by most vintage geeks, and rightly so! I especially love their glass shaker and grease jar range sets, and they were next on my list to do a post about when this auction caught my eye.

This grease jar is the rare Kitchen Aids pattern, and it sold on the 17th for $355.00 - $180.00 more than the value listed in the 2004 Florences' Glass Kitchen Shakers guide. My jaw hit the floor when I saw that final price!

But, apparently, we ain't seen nothin yet... Today I found this auction for the Kitchen Aids salt and pepper shakers:

With 1 day, 11 hours to go, the high bid is already $195.00 higher than the 2004 listed value. All I can say is, well, holy crap! I can't wait to see what the final bid is, and if it is already over $400 who knows how high it can go. I think that condition is playing a huge part in this one - these suckers look brand new!

Luckily more common patterns will hurt the pocketbook a bit less, but still expect to pay a decent amount when you are looking to buy a complete set. Like I mentioned in my other posts, you can sometimes get a better deal if you find the pieces individually over time. Let's go ahead and drool over a few of the complete sets that are available on eBay now though, shall we?

This Red Flower Pots pattern set from seller kremsem is at auction ending on Tuesday. It is at a great price right now, but who knows what it will end at... I would imagine someone out there is waiting to pounce right at the end, this is eBay after all!

I think my favorite is this Black Circle pattern set from seller Old Jefferson Highway Antiques (I linked to them in my McKee post - they are one of my favorite stores, the goodness available in that store is almost criminal!). This pattern also comes in red, blue, and green, but I think the black is the most striking. This set has a proud spot on the shelf in my dream black, white and aqua kitchen. ;)

There are ton of range set and glass shaker styles from Anchor Hocking (Jadeite, Tulips, Polka Dots, etc.), way more than I could ever cover here. If you are a vintage kitchenware junkie like me, it doesn't get much better!

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Mama Brook said...

Oh man, I just love that fire king pattern! Fire king has really taken a backseat to pyrex lately, but I love it.

Monica said...

I wish I could find stuff like that, but I would never sell!!!! I would want to keep it!!!

AuctionWally said...

Good God! This is a great pattern but I must be getting old. It seems to me that it wasn't that long ago I was selling Fire King in box lots at my live auctions!

Just a note to everyone, support your local live auctioneer and yourself at the same time, because an auctioneer CANNOT possibly keep track of every collectible trend, and there are going to be some great sleepers at every auction, you just have to pick your battles.
Great post Mitzi, I'm looking forward to tomorrow night!

Amy said...

I absolutely love fireking, I've been collecting them here and so far haven't had to pay more than $20 NZD for each item. I like them because they're tough, long lasting and pretty :-)

Mitzi said...

You are right Amy, all the great vintage stuff is tough - show me something made now that will still be around in 50 or 60 years! And yes, pretty too... ;)

Callooh Callay said...

These are great! I especially have a thing for canister sets....well, someday....