Monday, November 10, 2008

Attack of the vintage purses!

Seriously, I've got boxes and bags full of vintage purses here, and they have been attacking my feet and tripping me up every time I try to walk by them! It's dangerous being a vintage seller sometimes, let me tell ya...

Anyway, they are all up at auction right now, so hopefully some of them will be heading off to their new homes soon, and the others will be safely tucked into long term storage - out of the way of my poor feet!

Round Caprice Handbag

White Basket Purse With Twist Lucite Handles

Box Style Multi-Color Handbag

Wood Bead Babette Purse - Japan

Floral Applique Under Plastic Clutch Purse

Blue Floral Tapestry Clutch Purse

I decided to try having Boobs McGee, my half mannequin, model some of the other purses - I dressed her in a little mod dress that is for sale in my Etsy shop - I think she did a pretty good job!

JR Miami Carpetbag Purse

Black & White Striped 80's Leather Bag

80's Black Leather Hobo Purse with Fringe Pull

80's Black and White Leather Purse with Fringe Pull

1930's Gold Purse with Carved Plastic Frame

Fiesta Floral Needlepoint Purse

This isn't all of them - I told you I have a ton! - so if you want to check out the rest just head on over to my eBay store!