Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here are some photos of my family from our Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house - a good time was had by all!:

Left to Right - my uncle, Bob - my Dad, Steve - Mrs. Stratton (my aunt's boyfriend's Mom), my Mom, Mary Jane - my aunt, Joyce (Bob's wife)

My cousin Debbie talking to my cousin Kevin, who wouldn't let me get a picture of his face!

See? Well, at least I tried. That's my cousin Taylor's boyfriend and little baby boy in the background, whatta cutie!

My little brother, Darrell.

My brother's girlfriend, Tonya, who also wouldn't look at the camera - what is it with these people?

Here is Tonya's daughter, Jordan, trying to hide from me.

I found one person who couldn't hide - my aunt Gayla, snoozin in the recliner! hehe

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