Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Santa - My eBay Christmas List

A couple of weeks ago I made Santa a Christmas list via Etsy Treasury. I think I had better make an eBay list for him too - who knows where he prefers to shop? Hopefully both places - I've been really good this year, I swear! :)

(This is on my holy grail list!)

(I have all the the Selected journals, I'm excited to get the complete ones, this is just the first, there are more to come apparently!)

(I need a new purse, this one is fun and looks like it could take a beating...)

(I don't know if I've been quite good enough for these! lol)

(I just finished the 4th book in this series, it has become one of my favorites!)

(I need new curtains for the downstairs, 3 big windows worth.)

(Also on my holy grail list!)

(My favorite Austen movie - if you haven't seen it you should check it out!)

(The Westwood mug I don't have yet.)

(I love love love Harry Clarke, this is kind of rare, with the box and dust jacket!)

I think I've bothered Santa enough now for this year - here's hoping you all get everything on your Christmas lists! :)


AllyJo said...

I'm with you on the books and vintage curtains. I was just reading a few weeks ago about L.M. Montgomery's journals, thinking it would be neat to read them. This was a fun idea. I'm going to make one for my Santa too. :)

Mitzi Swisher said...

Her journals are very interesting reading - she actually led a pretty hard life, with both her, her husband, and her oldest son suffering from mental problems. A lot of it is not light reading, I guess you could say.

The first of the Selected journals, from when she was young, is the happiest - though I was reading about the Complete first journal, and they were saying that a lot of the new material in it is less light-hearted.

If you do read them please do drop me a line and let me know what you think! :)

Anonymous said...

You might like this film.... Harry Clarke - Darkness in Light