Friday, January 25, 2008

Featured Collectible - McKee Glass Shakers

Are you ready for part 2 in my vintage glass kitchen shakers series? I talked about Tipp City last time, so today I'll show you some awesome shakers from the McKee Glass Company. I mentioned them in the last post because Tipp decorated a lot of McKee shakers, like so:

Aren't those just adorable? Click here to visit the listing from eBay seller Oregon Trail Collectibles.

McKee made shakers mostly in one of two shapes - Roman Arch or Square. Their Roman Arch shakers are very distinctive, but you have to look out for reproductions - they are rampant on eBay. The best indicator are the lids - a lid that looks shiny new is really hard to find on an old shaker!

Here is a really nice pair of white Roman Arch salt and pepper shakers, click here to see the listing from eBay seller Estate Treasure by Byrum. (I love their little wood blocks as stands idea - too cute!)

This is set of custard Square shakers. I really dig the lettering design! Click here to see the listing from eBay seller Old Jefferson Highway Antiques.

As you are probably starting to notice, prices can be pretty high on McKee shakers, especially if you are trying to get a complete range set like the one above, or like this one that includes the grease jar:

This set is Jadite, which is really popular and very collectible, as you probably already know. Thanks, Martha. Click here to see the listing from eBay seller Jadite Antiques and More.

Of course there is no way I could cover all the different colors and designs here, doing a search on McKee Shaker will bring up a huge variety. Like I mentioned before about the Tipp shakers, if you can't afford to buy a complete set, you can try to pick them up piece by piece, and be sure to search with keywords besides McKee to see if you might find some listed by people who don't know who made them. Sometimes you can get a better deal that way!

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Mama Brook said...

My gran had that exact set of custard Square shakers! Thanks for posting it, brought back good memories.

Mama Brook said...

I know - I DEFINATELY would buy those. I told her that if they don't sell she should bring the price down!

Anonymous said...

Those are all awesome,every last one!

Mitzi said...

hehe I am glad I'm not the only one in love with these! I have a couple more brands to cover, be on the lookout over the next couple of weeks.

BTW thriftgoddess, I realized I hadn't added your blog to my list... I will go correct that right now! ;)