Monday, January 14, 2008

Virtual Thriftathon! - Results

I wish I could report a ton of amazing finds from my thrifting trip this weekend, but, sad to say, I only managed to pick up a handful of things.

I went to two stores - Village Thrift, which has decent prices but didn't have much I was interested in, and Ohio Thrift, which had a ton of things I would have bought if they weren't ridiculously over priced. I mean really - a grand total of $18 for a set of three Fire-King casserole dishes with NO LIDS? (To quote the Professor from Futurama - Whaaa?) I got the same set, unused in its original box, for $4 at an estate sale this summer.

I could go on describing the other crimes against thrifting I saw there, but let's not dwell on the negative... let's look at what I did buy!

First off, from Ohio Thrift for 50 cents each - 3 oversized hardcover old school Disney picture books - Sleeping Beauty, The Great Mouse Detective, and one of my favorites, The Rescuers. I searched desperately for Cinderella, which was the story I knew by heart and tortured my parents with, but none was to be found.

Next, also from Ohio Thrift for 50 cents each - 2 hardcover Weekly Reader books, The Magic Whistle (1969) and McBroom and the Big Wind (1967). I can't help buying these old hardcover Weekly Readers, I just love them!

I have kids books and vintage paperbacks stuffed into drawers and stacked on shelves everywhere, waiting to be dealt with. Do I open another eBay store selling just books? Do I try them on Etsy, whole and/or taken apart for the artwork? I'll let you know when I figure it out! ;)

Finally, from Village Thrift - three unopened craft kits for 90 cents each. I have some more of these that I am going to list in the Etsy shop eventually, in hopes that the Crafty Craftersons over there might want to try them out! My favorite is the Bucilla Toaster Coaster kit - too cute! But then, I live on toast so I may be a little biased. ;)

And that's it! I hope the other virtual thrifters had more luck than I did, I am going to take a break from printing postage tonight to check out everyone else's finds!


Sarah and Jack said...

We had a local thrift with crazy prices like that. They wanted $36 for a cake carrier. I discovered they finally closed sometime before Christmas.

Mitzi said...

I think that is what these thrift stores don't understand... you can only raise prices so much before you raise them right out of being sold! And even if the goods are donated, inventory sitting on a shelf is just sucking up money, not bringing any in. I know prices are going up for everything everywhere, but they need to remember they are a thrift store, not eBay! *hops off soapbox* ;)

Cindy Is Crafty said...

My favorite find has to be the toaster coaster kit. Too funny!

Not much, but you did well. I love the images in the book. I love the 50's and 60's images. They are great for crafting with.

Thanks for joining us and playing along. Now have a hot beverage and relax!