Sunday, January 20, 2008

I got a bug up my butt.

This happens to me a lot. Luckily I have kind of gotten used to it at this point.

I really liked the old look of the blog a lot when I did it, but yesterday I decided I wanted something "cleaner" (this is a kick I have been on in general lately, I think it is a reaction to the horrific state of my house at the moment). I found this layout and was sold when I saw how neat the sidebar and posting area are, compared to the old layout where everything kind of ran together.

So I clicked, and *poof* all my hard work from the first time around was gone. And it didn't even hurt, really.

I fixed up the header to match, and now I just need to tweak the images in the sidebar and the transformation will be complete.

If only I could fix my house with a click!


Leigh said...

I really like the new background!

Mitzi said...

Thanks Leigh, I really like it too! At least for right now... ;)