Friday, January 18, 2008

A little off topic...

I have to share this video the John Edwards camp came out with today, it is priceless!

I am not an overly political person, and this is definitely not a political blog, but I have been supporting JE since the beginning because I think he is the only candidate who can't be bought!

He realizes the sweeping changes that need to be made in Washington, that the system is so flawed that there is no other choice but to get in there and take action. I believe him too - the word "change" is just another sound bite talking point for Hillary & Obama, while they pocket the money from the corporations and lobbyists that will prevent them from making any changes at all!

I am glad he has vowed to stick it out until the end! The race is so close (hello... he BEAT Hillary in Iowa!) I think it is totally unfair that the media has basically written him off. I love this little video they put together, proves the point perfectly!

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