Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Featured Collectible - Enid Collins Purses

You may remember me mentioning few weeks ago that I found an Enid Collins wood box purse titled Wise Guy, featuring a fun retro owl:

It ended up selling for a happy $68 - and it gave me an excuse to do some research and drool over all the great purses that are out there! Here are a couple sites I found that have quality info about the history of the Collins of Texas brand:
Cool Old Stuff - Enid Collins
Enid Collins Collector's Guide eBook

It seems like both the handbags an the box purses sell well, and price depends on condition and rarity of design. Check out what this one sold for a couple of weeks ago:

Moral of the story - keep an eye out for these on your next thrifting trip! ;)

I am kind of partial to the box purses, especially the more graphic ones with words in their design (they seem to be a bit harder to find, too...). Here is a Love design I am coveting that is up for auction right now:

Of course I would be just as happy with one of these bird designs:

Bird in Hand box purse

Roadrunner handbag

And nothing says the 60's like an orange, yellow and green butterfly:

Flutterbye box purse

I could go on all day, there seem to be dozens of designs - definitely enough to keep a collector busy hunting, that's for sure!

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ceVec said...

I think my favorite is the "For the Birds" purse:

Great post! :-)

Heidi Ann said...

They really are fabulous. And it's so funny - 10 years ago, I may not have even given them a second glance - but now I like them - I really, really like them!

SunshineCityLassie said...

I, too, have a post on Enid Collins bags on my design blog, if anyone's interested.



LoLa*Vintage said...

aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! I absolutely ADORE Enid Collins! I wrote a little tidbit about her in my blog once. Aren't her designs AMAZING!

the vintage handbag said...

Luv your pics!
I too, LOVE Enid Collins, vintage handbags. So much so, that I started collecting them 12 years ago and bought so many that I had to start selling them.

Rochelle Martin said...

I just picked a glitter bug box bag. I had no idea what it was, just thought it looked the last name Collins is in our family. I can not find this particular one anywhere on internet searches and Im quite frustrated, to say the least. Anyways...very interesting to learn about Enid and how old these are. 😃