Friday, October 24, 2008

Vintage dolls up for adoption!

Vintage Bunny Costume Pose Doll

This week on eBay, Vintage Goodness is all about the dolls - in fact, I have been feeling very much like I am running my very own vintage doll adoption center! I've had a blast getting them listed, so I just had to come over and show you all a few...

You might remember these beauties from my Hocking Hills post:

Bradley Southern Belle Doll

Brechner Boudoir Doll

Last weekend I stumbled across a nice collection of vintage Joan Walsh Anglund Pocket Dolls - it was love at first sight! Here is a bit about Ms. Anglund that I found on the Loganberry Books website:

"Joan Walsh Anglund became successful with her first book, A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You, in 1958. She's been making books featuring these same round-faced mouthless characters ever since, and her popularity continues to grow. There's something ineffably sweet about her creations, which are based in large part on people and places in her own life-- particularly on her children Joy and Todd."

Apparently her characters have spawned an entire line of products - dolls, figurines, etc. etc.

Here are just a few of her dolls that I have up at auction right now:

Girl With Flower - Joan Walsh Anglund Pocket Doll - 1977

Asian Girl Joan Walsh Anglund Pocket Doll - 1981

Yellow Dress Girl Joan Walsh Anglund Pocket Doll - 1977

I was lucky enough to find a few of her books on the same day I found the dolls, but at a different sale, along with a vintage basket purse that looks to be handpainted with an Anglund character design on its lid. Isn't it funny how that happens?

Joan Walsh Anglund Basket Purse

This next guy is something I wouldn't normally be drawn to - a clown doll. But for some reason I really like the style of this one!

Vintage Red Clown Doll

Here's another Bradley doll named Ginger, who still has her original tag!

Vintage Bradley "Ginger" Doll

The last one I have to share (but not the last doll I have up, click here to see them all!) is the amazing Bride doll I found, her dress is made of safety pins, beads and lace - really unique!

Vintage Safety Pin Dress Bride Doll

Before I go, I had also better show you a couple of the amazing Schmid Bros. ceramic bells that I listed this week... I believe I found a complete collection of their International Girls series, there are well over a dozen different countries represented, and they are really pretty!

Japanese Girl Schmid Bros. Bell - Made in Japan

Dutch Girl Schmid Bros. Bell - Made in Japan


Anonymous said...

the bride doll is beautiful but the boudoir doll has to be my favourite

Engel said...

Hi!! I just found your blog and I have to say... I LOVE IT!!! I'm a vintage fan! Hope you have a nice day and I'll keep watching you :-)

Engel said...

Oh and the bunny doll is so so pretty!! It's my favorite :-)